The Bestemmingsplan project was developed for Gemeente Hilversum to allow them to present current and future proposed land usage proposals. The site visitor is able to search by address, postcode, or plan name in addition to being able to click within the map to navigate to the relevant area.

The Bestemmingsplan siteThe site was developed using Hotspotter and is hosted on a Linux server using the Apache web server with pages developed in PHP and stores the data on a PostgreSQL database. One of the advantages of this hosting arrangement is the fact that every component is open source making it a very cost effective solution.

This particular solution demonstrates the use of tiles at the outer levels allowing the user to navigate to the desired section of the map. Once the user has selected the portion of the map they are interested in the map reverts to a more typical GIS oriented approach and the user can click on individual features of the map to see information about the category that feature belongs to.

Within the near future it is hoped that this will be made available to the general public directly from the servers of the Gemeente, however at the present time this is a few days off. As with the Kunstlogo site Hilversum have stated that they are prepared to make the site source available to other local authorities wishing to develop similar sites.

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