All downloads on this page are free of charge. Please remember that large files will take a long time to download and will place a heavy burden on my bandwidth so please be patient and download one file at a time.

Screen Saver Collections

The following collections are intended for use with your screen saver. The collections correspond to the shows we've been to. The screen saver collections usually contain more pictures than the sets that are displayed on music and Marillion pages.

WebShots screen saver users.

If you are fortunate enough to be using WebShots then download the WBC files and the screen saver will automatically install the pictures for you. The WBC files are only the images in a special format for WebShots and not the actual WebShots software. If you do not have the WebShots software then you will need to download it and install it separately first.

Windows My Pictures screen saver users.

If you are using the My Pictures screen saver that comes with Windows XP then you should download the .zip or .rar files extract the pictures into a folder on your machine and point the screen saver at this folder.

Linux users.

Users of real computers with real operating systems don't need anything other than the blank screen screen saver.

Other screen saver users.

A number of other screen savers exist for various operating systems that allow you to show a slide show of images. You should download either the zip or the rar file and then refer to the instructions with your screen saver for more information.

The pictures are best viewed at the size supplied so if your screen saver software has an option such as 'Enlarge picture to bestfit desktop' then I'd suggest you turn it off.

You may only download these images for the specified purpose of use within a screen saver or as a wallpaper. If you wish to use the images for any other purpose commercial or non commercial then you must first seek my permission, the permission of the artist, and the permission of the venue. You may not alter the images in any way.

CollectionFormat: click the icon to begin download.
Marillion, Aylesbury Warm up, March 9 2005 .ZIP .RAR
Kino, Boerderij, March 16 2005 .ZIP .RAR
Spock's Beard, Boerderij, March 16 2005 .ZIP .RAR
The Levellers, Paradiso, Amsterdam, May 2005 .ZIP .RAR
Marillion, Boston, June 2005 .ZIP .RAR
Uriah Heep, Bospop, July 2005 .ZIP .RAR
Marillion, Bospop, July 2005 .ZIP .RAR

Webshots is a great screen saver for Windows available from the web site Download and use of the software is completely free but you might want to consider upgrading to their Premium membership which offers several advantages. I have been using the software for a while now and it does not contain spyware or adware and I've not been bombarded with spam because of them.