Hotspotter is no longer supported nor in development. The application was perhaps a little ahead of it's time and most web based maps such as Google and Virtual Earth now use tiled images. The performance of these types of maps has proven them to be suitable for the wider Internet audience. Coupling tiles with overlays such as SVG has made truly interactive maps possible (although SVG does pose compatibility problems). It is still my hope that we can revive some of the concepts within Hotspotter to allow it to continue to be used but it may have to move away from the static content used now towards a dynamic model and so possibly lose the ability to be served from any server.

Present GeoMedia maps on the web

Hotspotter is an add in for GeoMedia™ from Intergraph that allows you to convert your GIS map created within GeoMedia into a fully interactive map on the web. Where it differs from other similar tools is that with Hotspotter the output is pure HTML requiring absolutely no client side plug-ins and is compatible with any browser that supports HTML 4.0.


The maps generated by Hotspotter can interact with the user. Moving the mouse over a portion of the map or clicking on a feature can trigger action on the client or server. A simple example might be to retrieve details from a database of the map element that was clicked.

Template based

Hotspotter allows you to define several templates for your maps. These templates define how you want all your maps to look. If you want to update the look of the web site then all you need to do is update the template.


The Hotspotter project file allows you to store definitions for all your maps in one place and then quickly generate them again as your data changes.

Any client, any server

Part of the strength of Hotspotter is that it does not dictate anything about the client or the server other than the client must support the widely adhered to standard of HTML 4.0. This means that all your web site visitors can view your maps regardless of their browser and you can host the maps not just on one type of web server but virtually any web server you care to think of. For the technical amongst you we have already seen maps delivered from within plain html files (served by virtually every HTML server), asp files, aspx (.Net) files, help files, php files, jsp files. The front page of this site was generated by creating a template which was then processed by Hotspotter to generate the aspx file to get it to run under ASP.Net.

Fast maps

Another strength of Hotspotter is that the maps are pre-compiled so are ready to be served to the client very quickly. Performance of Hotspotter maps is not an issue and neither is licensing. We will not limit you to a certain number of concurrent visitors, once you have Hotspotter you can use the maps it generates everywhere for everything.

More information

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