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Stage Crowd This was only my second visit to Parkpop since we moved to the Netherlands some 14 years ago which is a great pitty because not only is this festival stunning, not only was the weather perfect, but it was entirely free.

Sue and I had recently become parents by adoption to a four year old Chinese girl and this was her first festival. So it was a little experimental and rather than push her into staying all the way through we arranged that I would arrive at the beginning and Sue, Yizi, and some friends would arrive later.

However it was perhaps a bit of a test too far for Yizi. She seemed to enjoy being amongst all the people but after several hours she was demanding to go home. Worse she was demanding that I go with her, so this meant that I missed the chance to see and photograph most of the later acts.

But if you missed it here is a quick summary. You missed three large stages plus one smaller stage for local bands. You missed a childrens festival (the day before) You missed a large festival market. You missed great weather, mostly sunny but some clouds. And most importantly you missed a line up that included Moke, The Proclaimers, Racoon, Sheryl Crow, & loads more. Still even if you did miss all of this around 250,000 people did not.
Mala Vita Mala Vita Mala Vita

Mala Vita Photo gallery for Malavita.

I photographed these guys in 2007 at the Werfpop in Leiden. Werfpop is on again in 2008 on the 13th of July.
Moke Moke Moke

Moke Photo gallery for Moke.

I had photographed Moke on so many occasions during 2007 (including de Beschaving, Bevrijdingspop, and various other gigs) but this was my first 2008 gig. I really like the changes they have made to the end of Long Way.