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H in Pink Stripes No crowd surfingI'd been keeping an eye on the weather all week (that's the English obsession with the weather for you) and had thought we were going to be in for a cloudy day with perhaps a little rain but as we headed south the clouds cleared and we had nothing but blue skies all day.

The Pinkpop Classic event was a gathering of some of the older rockers that had appeared at the rather larger Pinkpop event in the past. The presenter cracked a joke or two about his and the gathered crowd's age and some joker had altered the 'No crowd surfing' sign by adding a walking frame and a stick.

Some festivals begin a little quietly but it appears that Janse Bagge were not going to let that happen and clearly they were well known getting a really great reception. They performed loads of covers translated into Dutch but a local dialect so that even the people we came with could not really follow the lyrics. The songs covered included Fiesta, Lola and loads of others that I forgot so if you know more then please use the feedback form and let me know.

Wishbone Ash were up next. I'd photographed them at Arrow and I was pleased to be getting a chance to update the pictures. I could not remember much about the guys' music from the previous show but perhaps it was the warm weather or the large crowd but this time I was really into the music. They also took part in a signing session later on.

Raymond van het Groenewoud & Band are a Belgian act. Raymond turned up dressed as a marching band leader complete with cap and stick. Very bizarre but apparently quite popular with the crowd.

Quo fans Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel are another of those acts that everyone knew the name of. They finished off with the song they are most known for, Come up and see me, but clearly they are an act that has so much more to offer. Steve had also taken part in a signing session earlier in the day.

Willy DeVille & Band, Willy has a really long career and you will know the song Spanish Stroll. Willy appeared on stage extravagantly dressed in Native American style.

Marillion were for me the reason I'd come to the festival. They started with Splintering Heart and finished with Neverland. In between they played The Other Half, You're Gone, Fantastic Place, Afraid of Sunlight, Between You and Me, and Thank You Whoever You Are. I can't be certain this was all so again if you know differently then please let me know. Eric was forced to put in an appearance to equip H with his rhythm section that someone had forgotten to attach to the mic stand while H continued to sing with a very amused look on his face. Anyway the hour simply rushed past far too quickly. The guys also appeared at a signing session earlier in the day.

Status Quo were headlining the festival. I've photographed the guys a couple of times previously and I was looking forward to seeing them again. I guess you either love them or hate them (musical snobbery I'm sure) and I fall into the former category so it really was great to finish off the day listening to so many songs that I'd grown up with.

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