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NailpinI had heard that Fish was going to be at the festival so I popped along to photograph the event. I never knew that this festival existed even though it has been going for 10 years and is just down the road from us at Scheveningenhaven, Still obviously lots of other people had heard about it and the often unreliable Dutch weather held out and for much of the day we had blue skies.

The show didn't quite start smoothly, apparently high winds had threatened the roof of the stage and so the start was delayed by more than an hour. To their credit the organisers managed to bring the schedule very nearly back on track by the end of the day.

I had a real scare when I got home. The memory card I'd been using for the event had reported an error and I found that half the pictures where missing. Luckily I managed to download some rescue software (thanks for that Sandisk) and save most but not quite everything. I think the card will probably be for the bin but at least I managed to save the shot you see here of the lead singer, Sean, of Nailpin doing a spectacular jump.
The Icons

40 Stone


Some things are more important than music.


Some people brought their own security.



A great atmosphere as the sun sets. 


A decent sized crowd turned up. 



Jam Guitars