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Werfpop has been going since 1982 but has more recently moved to the current location in Leidse Hout. This is a real shame for us because until recently we lived just across the road and yet we never had the opportunity to visit the festival in this location. For those that don't know, Leidse Hout lies between Leiden and Oegstgeest and the western side of the park forms the border with Oegstgeest.

The festival had an arrangement of two stages side by side so that while one act was on stage the other stage was being prepared for the next act. This made for really quick change overs such that we had at times only a few minutes between artists.

In addition to the main stages there were loads of stalls and side shows including a wall for grafitti artists and a small skateboard ramp. We arrived right at the start to be able to get some pictures of the early artists and I eventually stayed right to the end with only two short breaks. The first to grab another lens that I'd forgotten to bring along and then later to grab something to eat. Luckily still living close allowed this.

To the left here you see a woman ballancing on an incredibly thin rope. In fact I'd say it was little more than a piece of string. What is perhaps not clear is the look of bewilderment in the eyes of the guy sitting at the foot of the tree as he looks up and realises that above him is someone ballanced on a thin rope that looks like it could give way at any moment. You'll be please to know it did not give way.

On the right there is just one of a few shots I managed to get of some guys getting some air on the skateboard ramp. I'll try to add a gallery later of these shots and if you are amongst the guys and want a copy then get in touch and we can arrange something.

OK I've added the galleries for all the artists. Look out for the flashing camera icons or just click on the pictures. I've still to add a couple more galleries for pictures from around the festival though.