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I really enjoyed this festival, there was just so much going on and several bands that I was looking forward to and several more that I found I enjoyed. The festival was incredible, it felt like a small festival but it had four major stages and two small stages. It also had several other little shows around the two fields making this actually one of the most event packed festivals I've been to. Given that this is the case I hope you'll understand that I did not have time to photograph everything.

There have been several festivals that I've been to where the initial act was a little mediocre. I have to say this was not the case here, The Junes were really quite impressive. Moke were booked to appear at two festivals on the day so needed to be up early at this one so they could get away, they were in fine form and performed a great version of 'The Long Way' with an extended jamming session ending that I loved. It was good to see C-Mon & Kypski again, last time was at Bevrijdingspop in Haarlem and this was just as enjoyable. After Postman came the Antwerp Gipsy Ska Orkestra but sadly I was not able to catch as much of these guys as I would have liked. The Levellers were up second to last and despite a few technical problems including a microphone that lept off the stage seemed to exhibit their usual enthusiasm. Finally, much to the crowds delight, Krezip closed the festival.

While all these guys appeared on the main stage there were more acts on the other stages but they were too numerous for me to list. I'll try to include a highlight of some of them. Kate Nash was supposed to appear but had to cancel and was replaced by Bettie Serveert (thanks to all of you who wrote to tell me).

Over the rest of the page you may notice some flashing camera icons. Behind these are galleries for artists that appeared on the main stage. For some of the artists that appeared on the other stages you can click on the following icon where I've gathered them all together on one page Photo gallery for other stages..
The Junes The Junes The Junes

The JunesPhoto gallery for other stages.

I really quite enjoyed listening to these guys. Shame I could not stick around to hear the entire set.

MokeMoke photo gallery

You can see pictures of Moke at this years Bevrijdings pop  here and several other events here.

C-Mon and KypskiC-Mon and Kypski Gallery.

I first saw these guys at the Bevrijdingspop in Haarlem this year. You can see pictures here.

Postman Gallery. Postman Gallery. Postman Gallery. Postman Gallery.

PostmanPostman Gallery.

The bass player also played with Boris at the Bevrijdingspop this year. You can see pictures here.

Bettie Serveert

Replacing Kate Nash

The Levellers Levellers photo gallery

You can see pictures of the Levellers from various previous shows here.