About this site

This is the web site of Nick, Sue, and Yizi Askew. It is a mixture of our personal information and projects we have undertaken. Of course nowadays the need for a personal site is reduced as most people tend to keep in touch via social media. We are on those platforms too but we do tend to share only with friends and family.

Testing, testing

Another side to the site is that it is a test bed for my work. I have been developing in or for various .Net frameworks going back many years and this site allows me to demonstrate some of these. Trying to keep all of these working is sometimes not possible as technologies move on and the browsers they were designed for are now in museums.

The modern world

Luckily I've been kept quite busy with work for clients, the only drawback to this is that I have to find a few minutes here and there to develop this site so it is not progressing as quickly as I'd have liked. However I am finding time to make the site generally usuable on mobile devices without the need for a magnifying glass.


I am not a graphic designer and I know this shows in this web site. I would like to have a better eye for more appealing designs, in my work this rarely proves to be a problem because most clients come to me with an idea of what they already want and it is simply down to me to implement the techie bits.